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(1) Unless otherwise defined in the description of a specific No Firearms Discharge Area, it shall be unlawful for any person, while within or shooting into the boundaries of a designated No Firearms Discharge Area to:

(a) Discharge a firearm except as specifically authorized and defined in the description of the particular No Firearms Discharge Area contained in CCC 15.16.070 and Addendum A.

(2) Nothing in this chapter is meant to exclude the following:

(a) The use of firearms pursuant to RCW 16.08.020 (marauding dogs or predators injuring livestock).

(b) The use of firearms to lawfully slaughter farm animals.

(c) The lawful use of force by citizens, or the lawful use of a firearm by a law enforcement officer in the performance of his/her duties.

(d) The continued operation of legally established private or public gun club facilities or commercial shooting ranges which were established and operating prior to the enactment of the No Firearms Discharge Area or the development of indoor/underground ranges constructed in compliance with zoning and building regulations.

(e) The discharge of firearms on property of ten (10) acres or more when it is established by the property owner at the time of creation of the No Firearms Discharge Zone that the property has in place natural or manmade ground contours, berms, steel plate with sand trap, fiber containment device, or other containment device designed to reasonably ensure that any projectile fired from firearms types proposed by the owner is contained within the property boundaries, and the property is being actively used for target practice and/or sighting in of weapons. Unsuitable backstops include but are not limited to trees, stumps, vehicle hulks, stone or gravel piles. Discharge of firearms on such property shall be subject to the following conditions:

(i) Only the landowner and/or individuals with the landowner’s written permission may discharge firearms. Safety of shooters and containment of projectiles is the responsibility of the property owner and/or shooter.

(ii) Individuals discharging firearms must be adults or under the direct supervision of a responsible adult.

(iii) Any discharge of firearms will be conducted between 9:00 a.m. and dusk and shall be for the purposes of target practice or sighting of such weapons, not for firing at or hunting of animals.