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(1) Permitted Uses. Those land uses and development activities described in CCC Title 33, Zoning Code, and the Clallam County Shoreline Master Program as permitted or conditional uses are also recognized under this chapter, and are subject to the performance standards and other requirements of this chapter. Compliance with this chapter is demonstrated by the issuance of a certificate of compliance, variance or reasonable use exception, as specified in this chapter.

(2) The following types of permit and/or actions are required by the County Code. In review of these land uses and activities, Clallam County shall assure compliance with this chapter. Approval by Clallam County of the following permit or actions shall also be considered a certificate of compliance, as required by this chapter. Proposed land use or development activities not requiring one of the permit types that are listed below, and not listed as exempt in CCC 27.12.035 shall also comply with this chapter.

• Building permit

• Public water system permit

• Zoning conditional use or variance

• Shoreline permit (variance, conditional use, substantial development, exemption)

• Comprehensive Plan and zoning map amendment

• On-site sewage disposal permit

• Land Divisions and related actions under CCC Title 29

• Road approach permit

• Storm water and/or clearing and grading, if applicable

(3) Clallam County shall not grant any permit, license or other development approval that is inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter.