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(1) Implementation. The Five (5) Year Improvement Plan for the City of Forks (attached as Appendix B – yet summarized as Table 11) is the mechanism by which the City can stage the timing, location, projected cost, and revenue sources for the capital improvements identified for implementation in the other Comprehensive Plan elements. The improvement plan is economically feasible within the target revenues discussed in the preceding sections of this element entitled inventory and analysis.

Appendix B lists the capital improvement project by facility type, indicates which projects are needed to correct existing deficiencies, and provides estimates of project costs by year. Projects identified for public facility projects for implementation within target revenue are all under $10,000 and are not carried forward for the implementation section. The distribution among years matches the years in which capital improvement work is planned in order to meet service needs.

The capital improvement projects listed in Appendix A are not inclusive of all anticipated capital improvement by facilities element departments during this time period. Projects which exceed available target revenues are not included at this time. As additional revenues become available, these projects will be incorporated for implementation. Projects under $10,000 and projects not related to level of service standards or measurable objectives are also excluded from Appendix A.

Top priority is generally given to projects which correct existing deficiencies, followed by those required for facility replacement, and those needed for future growth.

(2) Monitoring and Evaluation. Monitoring and evaluation are essential in ensuring the effectiveness of the capital facilities plan element. This element will be annually reviewed and amended to verify that fiscal resources are available to provide public facilities needed to service needs and measurable objectives.

The annual review will the responsibility of the City of Forks’ Planning and Finance Departments, which will work in conjunction with the Clallam County Planning and Finance Departments. The review will include an examination of the following considerations in order to determine their continued appropriateness:

(a) Any corrections, updates, and modification concerning costs; revenue sources; acceptance of facilities pursuant to dedication which are consistent with the element; or the date of construction of any facility enumerated in the element;

(b) The capital facilities element’s continued consistency with the other elements and its support of the land use element;

(c) The priority assignment of existing public facility deficiencies;

(d) The City’s progress in meeting those needs determined to be existing deficiencies;

(e) The criteria used to evaluate capital improvement projects in order to ensure that projects are being ranked in their appropriate order of priority;

(f) The City’s effectiveness in meeting service needs and standards achieving measurable objectives;

(g) The City’s effectiveness in reviewing the impacts of plans and programs of State agencies that provide public facilities within the City’s jurisdiction;

(h) The effectiveness of impact fees, and mandatory dedications or fees in lieu of, for assessing new development the improvement costs which it generates;

(i) The impacts of special districts and any regional facility and service provision upon the City’s ability to maintain service needs or to achieve its measurable objectives;

(j) Efforts made to secure grants or private funds, whenever available, to finance the provision of capital improvements;

(k) The criteria used to evaluate proposed plan amendments and requests for new development or redevelopment;

(l) Capital improvements needed for the latter part of the planning period, for update of the improvement plan; and

(m) Concurrency status.