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In addition to the general requirements of CCC 33.50.030, accessory dwelling units shall be subject to the following requirements.

(1) Size.

(a) Size of Detached ADU. Detached ADUs shall not exceed 50 percent of the gross floor area of the primary dwelling unit, nor exceed 1,250 square feet in gross floor area. This requirement shall not apply to any detached ADU 400 square feet or less.

(b) Size of Attached ADU. Attached ADUs shall not exceed 35 percent of the gross floor area of the primary dwelling unit.

(2) Density.

(a) The property on which an ADU is to be located must be a legally created parcel.

(b) Outside of designated urban growth areas, the property on which a detached ADU is to be located shall be at least 1.5 acres in size. This standard may be waived by the Administrator where it can be demonstrated that the detached ADU will be served by a community water supply and an adequate sewage disposal system.

(c) Inside areas zoned Agricultural Retention (AR), detached ADUs are prohibited except on lots that are subject to the agricultural retention development standards of CCC 33.07.010(4) to 33.07.010(10), or where the existing parcel is 30 acres or larger is size.

(d) Inside areas zoned Commercial Forest (CF), detached ADUs are prohibited.

(3) Occupancy.

(a) The owner of the parcel shall live either in the primary dwelling or ADU as their primary residence. For the purpose of this standard, “primary residence” shall mean occupancy by the underlying property owner for no less than 120 days during a calendar year.

(b) ADUs may be used for occupation by family members, guests, renters, lessees, and estate caretakers/groundskeepers.

(c) Either the primary dwelling or the ADU may be used as a vacation rental, as defined in Chapter 33.51 CCC, but not both.

(4) Design. ADUs shall be designed so that the appearance of the lot remains that of a single-family residential development through the following standards:

(a) When development abuts or is accessed by a county road, all building entrances shall be located so that only one entrance faces the road frontage of the development.

(b) On-site parking area shall be provided.

(c) Access for vehicle ingress and egress shall share the same legal access onto a public or private road as the primary dwelling unit and no new access shall be established for the ADU.

(d) The primary dwelling and the ADU may be no more than 300 linear feet from each other.