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(1) Soil testing, site evaluations, and permit applications shall conform to the requirements of WAC 246-272A-010 and 246-272A-0220.

(2) A site registration report shall be made on an Environmental Health Services approved form by the individual who performs the test. The report shall be submitted to Environmental Health Services, with appropriate fee, for review within one year of the date the tests were completed.

(a) The site registration report shall consist of an accurate plot plan, drawn to scale (one inch equals 20 feet is recommended), which includes all the pertinent information required in WAC 246-272A-0200 and other information as required by the Health Officer.

(b) Unless specifically waived by the Health Officer, all soil logs for the purpose of securing a sewage system permit must be witnessed and verified by the local Health Officer.

(c) Site registrations performed for the purpose of land division subject to Chapter 29.01 CCC must include information demonstrating that the proposed water supply is adequate.