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(1) Persons shall not install or use holding-tank sewage systems for residential development or expansion of residences, whether seasonal or year-round, except as set forth under subsection (2) of this section.

(2) The Health Officer may approve installation of holding-tank sewage systems:

(a) For permanent uses limited to controlled, part-time, commercial usage situations, such as recreational vehicle parks and trailer dump stations;

(b) For interim uses limited to handling of emergency situations;

(c) For repairs as permitted under WAC 246-272A-0280(1)(c)(i).

(3) A person proposing to use a holding tank sewage system shall:

(a) Follow established design criteria established by WDOH;

(b) Submit a management program to the Health Officer assuring ongoing operation and maintenance before the Health Officer issues the installation permit; and

(c) Use a holding tank reviewed and approved by the Department.