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(1) Prior to recommendations for preliminary approval of a subdivision submitted to the Department of Community Development (DCD) and referred to Environmental Health Services, the proposal must be in compliance with WAC 246-272A-0320.

(2) Prior to recommendation submitted to the DCD and referred to Environmental Health Services for final approval of a subdivision, the following must be accomplished:

(a) A site registration approved by the Health Officer and filed for each proposed parcel showing an area for each parcel suitable for installation of an on-site sewage system to serve a minimum of a two-bedroom residence, in compliance with these regulations; or

(b) For a community sewage disposal system or larger on-site system, compliance with Chapter 246-272B WAC and CCC Title 29 must be assured;

(c) Prior to final approval, a management agreement acceptable to the Health Officer for monitoring and maintenance of the community septic system must be in force;

(d) Any on-site system not located entirely on the property originating the sewage must be secured by appropriate easements filed with the Clallam County Auditor;

(e) Demonstrate that the proposed water supply is in compliance with applicable water rights and instream flow rules and is determined to be adequate as required in CCC Title 29.