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(1) Civil infractions and other penalties shall be imposed pursuant to Chapters 7.80 and 70.118 RCW, including Chapter 70.118A RCW, Chapter 246-272A WAC, these regulations, and the Department’s procedures for resolving violations and notices of infractions. Adjudication of and appeals to such citations shall be in the Clallam County District Court.

(a) Violations of this regulation shall be a Class 1 civil infraction with a maximum penalty of $250 except for an infraction of CCC 41.20.170, which shall be a Class 2 civil infraction with a maximum penalty of $125.

(2) A defendant who is issued a notice of infraction shall have no right to appeal the issuance of the notice of infraction to the Board of Health.

(3) Payment of a civil penalty does not relieve any person of their duty to comply with these regulations. Additional infractions and other penalties may be imposed for continuing noncompliance with this chapter.

(4) The Health Officer is authorized to work cooperatively with the Washington State Department of Health and the Clallam County Sheriff to implement the enforcement in subsection (1) of this section.