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(1) When the Health Officer determines that a violation of this chapter has occurred or is occurring, the person responsible for the violation has been legally notified, and the violation has continued beyond the date set forth in the notice of violation or order, the Health Officer has the authority to issue a monetary penalty.

(a) Daily monetary penalties shall begin on the day of issuance of the administrative penalty.

(2) The monetary penalty for violations for noncompliance with required system status inspections and reporting shall be $5 per day, not to exceed $300 per year. The effective date shall be the date the required system status report is due as ordered by the Health Officer.

(3) Monetary penalty schedule for other violations as determined by the Health Officer:

(a) First day of each violation: $100;

(b) Second day of each violation: $200;

(c) Third day of each violation: $300;

(d) Fourth day of each violation: $400;

(e) Each subsequent day of violation beyond four days: $500, not to exceed $14,000.

(4) Payment of an administrative penalty shall be made to Clallam County and receipted by Environmental Health Services. Payment of the administrative penalty does not relieve any person of their duty to comply with this chapter.

(5) The accumulation of administrative penalties may be stopped by the Health Officer if the violator begins compliance with the order or orders of the Health Officer.

(6) The administrative penalty may be reduced by the Health Officer or a hearing officer if the violation is corrected within 30 days from the date of issuance of the administrative penalty, or according to a time schedule approved by the Health Officer. The penalty should not be reduced below recovery of the costs of administration and enforcement of these regulations. In exercising discretion for the reduction of administrative penalties, the Health Officer will take into consideration the seriousness of the violation, the percentage of compliance achieved by the violator, and other relevant factors.

(7) Administrative penalties are a separate and independent method of civil enforcement and are supplementary to all other enforcement methods cited in these regulations.