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(1) In addition to all enforcement methods (including penalties) available to the County’s Health Officer and the County’s Sheriff in this chapter, those County officials (or their designees) may choose to enforce all state and local laws and regulations applicable to solid waste in a manner consistent with Chapter 20.33 CCC.

(2) County officials (or their designees) choosing to use either this chapter or Chapter 20.33 CCC for the enforcement of solid waste laws and regulations may only utilize one of those chapters in enforcement proceedings at a time. Use of one of these chapters does not preclude later using the other chapter, as long as enforcement proceedings against an alleged violator are proceeding under only one of these two chapters at a particular time.

(3) Nothing in this section shall be deemed to prevent or hinder any cooperation between the County and the State Department of Ecology and the County’s efforts to enforce the laws and regulations applicable to solid waste.