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(1) After all appeals have been exhausted or if no appeal is filed within the time allowed for filing an appeal as required in CCC 41.30.080, and the property owner or other persons to whom the order was directed have failed to decontaminate a contaminated property as ordered by the Health Officer under this chapter, the Health Officer may direct or cause the property to be decontaminated, closed, vacated, boarded up, removed, disposed of or demolished, and all costs thereof, including any actual administrative costs and actual attorneys’ fees and costs, shall be assessed against the property, the persons to whom the order was directed, or the owners of the property upon which the cost was incurred.

(2) Notice of the costs incurred shall be sent by first class and certified mail to the owners of the property upon which the costs are assessed or other persons against whom the costs are charged. The Health Officer may modify the amount, methods, or time of payment of such costs as he/she may deem just, considering the condition of the property and the circumstances of the owner. In determining any such modification, the costs may be reduced against an individual who has acted in good faith and would suffer extreme financial hardship.

(3) Any costs incurred by Clallam County abating the condition of the property may be collected by any appropriate legal remedy and shall constitute a lien on the property, and the lien may be foreclosed in the same manner as real property tax liens. Costs associated with the foreclosure of the lien, including, but not limited to, advertising, title report, and personnel costs, shall be added to the lien upon filing of the foreclosure action. In addition to the costs and disbursements provided by law, the court may allow the prosecuting authority a reasonable attorney’s fee.

(4) Any amounts collected shall be distributed to any fund or source of funds for the program area from which payment for the work was made.