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The provisions of this Article relate to the transition from the existing form of government to the form of government established by this Charter, and where inconsistent with the foregoing Articles of this Charter, the provisions of this Article shall constitute exceptions.

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We, the duly elected members of the Board of Clallam County Freeholders, having been elected on November 4, 1975, pursuant to Article Eleven, Section Four of the Constitution of the State of Washington, as amended, and having been empowered to prepare and propose a Home Rule Charter for the government of the County, have prepared and do hereby propose the foregoing Clallam County Charter for adoption by the voters of Clallam County. We request the Board of Clallam County Commissioners to take whatever action may be necessary to place the following question before the voters of the County at the general election to be held on November 2, 1976:

Shall Clallam County adopt a Home Rule Charter providing increased control over county affairs and voter initiative Referendum rights?


For Home Rule Charter


Against Home Rule Charter


We, the undersigned Freeholders of Clallam County, do hereby approve the above resolution:

Dorothy Duncan, Chairperson

Annette J. Kuss, 1st vice chairperson

Dorothy Munkeby, 2nd vice chairperson

Walter G. Davison

Robert D. Hall

Elmer Critchfield

Ruby Mantle

Evelyn B. Tinkham

James H. Elbrader

Edward V. Polhamus

Approved as to form; No opinion ventured as to the contents therein although read and reviewed:

Gerard A. Johnson

Wilson, Platt, Johnson & Irwin

Pub.: Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26, 1976